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Welcome to our creative design process.

Passion is the fuel behind the work we construct at ink International Design Studio. 

From start to finish we aim to create a design that is purely unique for you and your business.





Our Ink brand questionnaire structures this process & gives our design strategy its creative and visual direction.

This is where we will explore & prepare various trajectories for your brand's design to present to you.

Your feedback on our initial concepts guide us as we refine our designs to suit your desires and needs.

This is the moment the world will get to know your new look!



This is how we begin our journey together. We will chat about your goals, values and the look & feel that your brand desires.


Where our creative teams mind's come alive on paper. Inspired by the research, moodboards and other creative processes leading up to this point.


This is where we present our initial concepts to you. We explain our ideas and how they will help your business grow.


Once you are satisfied with our refinements and a final design is approved we will deliver all your of your digital files.

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